Monday, April 20, 2009

Fun With Email...

I received an email recently that made me laugh at first, and then it made me a little mad. As those of you who know me are aware, I've been job hunting for a year now after losing my corporate job due to a "restructuring". April 17th, 2009 was my one year anniversary of being unemployed. The email was so obviously a scam that it tickled me at first. But then I started thinking about all the folks out there in the same boat, the ones who maybe didn't recognize it as a scam and are desparate enough to try anything at this point, and I got a little miffed. So I am posting the email, along with my response, and the email address it came from. Feel free to use it to sign up for newsletters, join free online clubs and subscriptions, etc. Granted, it's a disposable address, so he's just going to delete it and move on, but I'm in a vengeful mood today and I think it would be fun. So let's fill his mailbox up with crap, shall we?

Dear Alan Simmons,

My name is Keith Morris and I represent Key Group Company.This letter confirms that your resume (found at has been duly processed and your skills completely meet our requirements for Financial Managervacancy.Key Group Inc. is a world-famous company founded and based in the USA,which deals with financial services like escrow services for buyers and sellersof online auctions around the world. We offer our services both on closedcommercial auctions where the number of buyers is not large and on,, - popular online auctions.

Financial Agent position is:- part-time (you can work only 2-3 hours a day (Monday through Friday). - work at home (all communication is online).

What do you need? Internet access and e-mail. This position is offered on a trial period (first month) basis.

You will receive training and online support while working and being paid.Trial period is paid $2300/month. Also you will be keeping 8% commission fromevery payment received from customer and successfully processed. Total income,with the current volume of clients, will be up to $4.5k per month. After first 30 days base salary will be increased up to $3k per month, plus 8%commission! You may ask for additional hours after trial period, or proceed full-time. If you are interested in our offer and would like to learn more about FinancialAgent position, please send the filled form to job.keith.key@gmail.comOur representative will contact you within 24 hours.

First name:_____________________
Last name:___________________________
Country of residence:__________________
Contact phone:______________________
Preferred call time:_______________________

We found your resume at This letter confirms that yourresume has been duly processed and your skills completely meet our requirementsfor the Financial Manager vacancy.

Best regards,

Keith Morris
Key Group Inc.


Hi Keith,

Thanks very much for your offer. I'd like to get a little more information about Key Group Inc. After searching for your website, I found many companies called Key Group, Inc., but none that offer the services you refer to in your email. Most likely a technicality, although I can't help but wonder why an email from a world-famous company came from a disposable Gmail account rather than the company's domain. Oh, well. Another technicality, I'm sure. I am extremely excited to learn that my skills as a replenishment analyst have prepared me for the world of high finance! And imagine my enthusiasm at learning I would be earning $2300 plus an 8% commission a month for 2-3 hours a day! It almost seems...well, too good to be true. I can't wait to receive my next email from you, telling me about the history of your fine organization, the corporate culture, where you're based, and a few details about the Financial Manager position that I'm anxious to fill.

Warmest regards,



Funny, I haven't heard back from him.